Jk Horsetrucks
  • JK Horsetrucks/Horsetruck from outside, horsebox sidewards.
  • JK Horsetrucks/Horsetruck from inside, horsebox living area.
  • JK Horsetrucks/Horsetruck from inside, kitchen cabinet in horsetruck.
  • JK Horsetrucks/Horsetruck from inside, bathroom in horsetruck.
  • JK Horsetrucks/Horsetruck from inside, driving area of the horsebox.
  • JK Horsetrucks/Horsetruck from outside, back of the horsetruck.

Welcome to JK Horsetrucks!

Are you searching for exlusive transportation opportunities for yourself, your family and your horses? Entrusts it to us!

Our firm has some more, than 10 years of expierience in production of luxury horseboxes.

It is important to us you and your horses to travel in safe and peace, therefore we lay the largest emphasis on the quality and the comfort of the horses by the production. As you can see on the photos, each of these special buildings possess a comfortable living- and horse area. We have lots of configurations and individual designs, take a look at these by CONFIGURATIONS and HORSETRUCKS (gallery)!

Featured works

Are you interested? Do you have questions or special wishes and thoughts? Do not hesitate to contact us either via phone or e-mail. We'd be happy to advise with your tranportation. Don't forget to visit us on Facebook.