Jk Horsetrucks

About JK Horsetrucks

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Jk Horsetrucks was established in 2003. The company is now one of the largest builders of horsetrucks in Europe and is registered under ISO 9002. The assembly of our horseboxes takes place in Hungary where we have grown from a 700 sqm workshop in 2003 to a workshop of 2300 sqm now in 2010. We work with a very well-trained team with excellent workmanship. The materials we use are made in Europe and meet the highest standards. Jk horsetrucks are specialist in building and trading horseboxes and campers. We build horseboxes on new or used chassis in different types.

Therefore we do our designing and building with great care, and choose the most suitable materials and technologies in order to make your journey carefree.

Take a look at the assembly process as it actually takes place, see you horsetruck being build......